I am a Technical Artist. I enjoy working with physics simulations and visual effects and strive to make the seemingly impossible easy to accomplish. I bridge the gap between computer science and art to increase the visual potential in real time computer graphics. natbird


  • Undergrad Education

    Aug 2007 - May 2011

    Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Sciences from the University of Florida. This degree placed focus on the synthesis of art and computer science.

  • Limitless Ltd.

    Jan 2016 - Present

    Creating believable characters for VR experiences and building tools to provide artists the ability to create characters and tell stories all while working within virtual reality.

  • Bungie Technical Artist

    Aug 2012 - Jan 2016

    As Character Technical Artist on Bungie's Destiny I work on improving character quality and artist workflow. Focus areas include creation of hair pipeline, cloth and simulation implementation, tool development, shader and content creation, as well as providing general support for artists.

  • Graduate Education

    Aug 2011 - Dec 2012

    Masters in Interactive Entertainment from the University of Central Florida. I was a member of the art track in this program with a focus on technical art.

  • Penned Lead Artist

    Jan 2012 - Aug 2012

    Penned was a 7 month project built on the Havok Vision Engine with a team of 23. My role as art lead was to create and enforce a visual style guide and organize meetings and work distribution for a team of eight artists. I also served as technical artist on this project and was in charge of all rigs and visual effects.

  • Kinect Prototype

    Jan 2011- May 2011

    Independent project where motion control was used to navigate the Window's file system, written in C++ using the OpenNI APIs and OpenGL.


Demo Reel breakdown

0:00 Cloth Simulation for Bungie’s Destiny. Determined simulation parameters and collision.

0:04 Player Gear. Modeling support, secondary animation, cloth simulation.

0:09 Player Heads. Pipeline creation for hair and facial decals, hair shading.

0:12 Barrier Destruction. Simulation/animation, tool and pipeline development, modeling, shading, gameplay systems. Flag animation on war machine/death zamboni.

0:28 Ogre. Vertex animation on head and body chains. Tool development for secondary animation used on main character chains.

0:30 Ogre. Vertex animation on weak spot and spider webs.

0:31 Gear. Vertex animation for exotic gear.

0:33 Harpy. Tendril vertex animation.

0:36 Gear. Exotic gear vertex animation.

0:36 Gear. Shading for exotic gear.

0:38 Gary the Gull VR game. Shading and color development for scene. Technology for character interaction.

0:51 Hair Geometry Creation Tool. Tool built for Maya, written in Python.

1:10 L-System Tool. Tool built for Maya, written in Python.

1:17 Wrinkle Tool. Automatic wrinkle generator for rigged characters. Tool built for Maya, written in Python.

1:28 Limitless VR Creative Environment. UX development and animation tools. Built in UE4 in C++.


Natalie Burke