Penned is a 3D action/adventure game that allows the player to use vocabulary words to shape the world around them and the way they play. The game was a 7 month project built on the Vision engine with a team of 23.

In this game you play as Finley, a worker in the Library of Realities who enters books/worlds being ravaged by an evil force known as the Family. In the current vertical slice of this game Finley is the Poe Universe. The Poe world is characterized by an atmosphere of tension with parts of it being slow and frightening and other parts of it being frenzied. The tone can be described as a mixture of the witty, bizarre, creepy, unsettling and weird.

Art style takes inspiration from the coloring style of the art nouveau movement to help create an illustrated look, but one that still has a lot of depth. It should be neither hyper-realistic nor overly cartoon-y. We want the world within each book to feel like living, unique universes, but also remind the player through the art that these worlds are in fact books. Since the game is quasi-education importance is placed on the art capturing the essence of the vocabulary word it represents.

My Contributions


Ran weekly art meetings
Ran daily scrums
Created style guide
Assigned and scheduled tasks for duration of project

Technical Animator

Finley's Rig
Family Member's Rig
Macabre Cat Rig
Miniboss Rig

Visual Effects Artist

Crumbling Buildings
Breaking Windows
Fire and Ash Particles
Botanical Sword Particle Effects
Ink related Particle Effects

Lighting Artist

Lighting of initial alleyway
Lighting of incendiary branch
Lighting of miniboss arena
Lighting for sections of the surreal areas


Below is a In-Development Demo of Penned

Below is the pre vertical slice trailer for Penned

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Natalie Burke